Torch Talk

A Womans Work

February 15, 2022


Ashley Butler, Founder & CEO

Dreamer, Disrupter, and Creator. Ashley is on a mission to create a company that gives busy women valuable time back in their day for the people and projects that matter most.

She has built MySherri to be a premium, boutique in-home management company that employs and deploys an excellent in-home workforce. She helps women normalize getting support in the home while reducing the guilt and shame associated with asking for help.

Ashley’s experience with food and housing insecurity as a child propels her to ensure that her team is empowered to achieve their own balance by offering a true living wage, paid time off, extensive training, and professional development opportunities.

Prior to founding MySherri, Ashley was a physician that gained a profound understanding of what it means to need balance. Whether it be in medicine or business, Ashley has changed the lives of many by bringing authenticity and passion to every conversation.

A huge fan of real conversation and connection, she is always interested in engaging in meaningful relationships built on the foundation of making the world around us better.

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