Torch Talk

Changing the Face of Education

October 19, 2021


Mrs. Evelyn Shaw Corley (Mrs. Evelyn Educates) is a visionary leader in the world of international education. She is an advocate for diversity, mental health, and equity in education. She is changing the face of education through 1:1 and small group teaching in which every learner is guided by a compassionate teacher mentor. She believes that all humans are beautifully designed and created with gifts and talents to share with the world. 


Currently, she serves as the CEO and Founder for both Mrs. Evelyn International Academy and Evelyn Educates Tutoring.


She began teaching in 2005 after attending The University of Georgia and obtaining a degree in Middle School Education. Her teaching experiences span from elementary school through high school, and she has stories of immense joy and tremendous pain. Her Masters of Education is from LaGrange College where she studied Curriculum and Instruction. After teaching for over ten years, Evelyn felt emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually drained. She began changing her life and coming into her own through starting small through tutoring and homeschooling her friends' children and teens 1:1 and in small groups. Her passion turned into an empire, and she now leads a team of loving, diverse teachers throughout the United States. 



Mrs. Evelyn has strong opinions about growing up, real feelings, embracing diversity, advocating for youth and mental health, and she also has a passion for music and the arts.


She is a believer that if what you wish to be does not exist, create it. Let us not complain; let us build our visions into reality.


Mrs. Evelyn appreciates and embraces your thoughts and opinions and looks forward to connecting with you. She believes the world is our beautiful, magical home filled with glorious, varying feelings and perspectives, and she serves with open arms and love in her heart.

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