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”T- Moments” and the most important thing in the process:

”T- Moments” and the most important thing in the process:

September 13, 2021


Robin Edgar shares how her journey as a financial advisor started as a single mother and how she used that experience to build a company that helps people from where they are right now in their overall wealth strategy process. She discusses the importance of financial preparation in every family and business to overcome the "T- Moments" and the most important thing in the process: Confidence. “If we can create the confidence people need to make the next right decision, it changes everything.” Robin Edgar is a Financial Advisor and owner of the Wealth Progression Group, a full-service brokerage office. She’s been an independent financial advisor for over 30 years and specializes in helping individuals and companies with all of their financial goals and needs. The Wealth Progression Group uses a wide variety of financial investments to help individuals, families and business owners to set goals and pursue financial security in every stage of their life. “I have significant experience in working with all types of clients and advanced planning tools. I focus on helping you build a trusted advisor team to allow you the confidence to know you are prepared for today, tomorrow and your legacy.” 

Strong for Performance

Strong for Performance

August 31, 2021


Meredith Bell is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company providing assessment and development tools for the workplace. Their award-winning software and books guide leaders and team members to make the shift from KNOWING to DOING. The result is permanent improvements in the way people interact with each other at work. Meredith is an expert in leader and team communications, the author of two books, and the host of the Strong for Performance podcast. She has worked with thousands of business leaders, Human Resources professionals, and Learning & Development executives to successfully implement her company’s tools. Meredith co-authored her latest book, Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills, with her business partner, Dr. Dennis Coates. In it, Meredith and Denny provide a step-by-step how-to guide for improving communication at work.

How to use emotional intelligence to maintain spark in your life and your career.

How to use emotional intelligence to maintain spark in your life and your career.

August 17, 2021


For more than a decade, Lauren Moffatt has been providing executive coaching, human resources consulting and leadership development programs for individuals and organizations in Central Indiana. 


Through her leadership as Vice President of Human Resources at Public Safety Medical in Indianapolis, Lauren developed diverse teams, guided strategic planning and helped cultivate a strong, award winning corporate culture. She also earned extensive HR certifications while in that role, including PHR, SHRM-CP and a PCC in Executive Coaching through the Townsend Institute.


Now, Lauren is the President of Spark HR. She holds multiple certifications including PHR, SHRM-CP and a PCC in Executive Coaching through the Townsend Institute. Lauren is also certified in the EQi 2.0, an Emotional Intelligence assessment. Her work focuses on executives in career transition and HR professionals to support their growth as leaders in their field. 


Lauren is a sought-after expert on topics related to leadership, Emotional Intelligence, human resources and personal development. She is also a TLP (Townsend Leadership Program) Director.

How mentorship alliances can impact and  influence your life.

How mentorship alliances can impact and influence your life.

August 3, 2021


Mary Poppell is the Team Leader & CEO at Keller Williams Indy Metro North in Indiana. Mary is a licensed Realtor and majority Franchise Owner, is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Continuing Education Instructor for real estate in Indiana, and is DISC certified. She is also a KW University Worldwide instructor. In the 7 years since joining Keller Williams as Team Leader in 2014, Mary has recruited 460 agents to the market center and sustains an average of 17% annual increase in closed units and an average of 26% annual increase in closed volume year over year. Mary is passionate about mindset, inspiring and leading agents to grow their businesses with leverage, and creating millionaires through real estate businesses, investment portfolios, adding joint ventures, and profit share. Mary is grateful for her mentors, both multi-millionaires who lead with servant hearts, and her ability in turn to mentor others to discover their true potential and effectively be a catalyst of positive change and love, with JOY.

How to build a community around your curiosity.

How to build a community around your curiosity.

July 20, 2021


Ariel D. Smith, M.Ed is the founder of The Food Truck Scholar, LLC, and the executive producer of its podcast, which was recently ranked as the number 1 food truck podcast of 2020 and 2019 by FeedSpot. Her podcast invites guests from various backgrounds, identities, regions, and fields to discuss their role in the food truck movement. The podcast has now reached over 70 countries worldwide and counting.


The Food Truck Scholar Podcast is where food, business, and stories collide. Each episode Ariel  peels back the cultural, social, economic, and political layers of the food truck industry. From Food Network contestants and former bank executives to self-trained and formally trained chefs- The Food Truck Scholar Podcast introduces you to entrepreneurs from all walks life that are ready to feed your mind with tips to start your own food truck, stories that fill your heart, and tempting meal options to fill your stomach.


Ariel earned a BS in Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business, Master of Education from Vanderbilt University and is an American Studies PhD Candidate at Purdue University, where she has been an instructor of American Studies, African American Studies, and Scholar-in-Residence for the Black Thought Collective at the Purdue Black Cultural Center

Keeping it Reel with America’s SuperMom

Keeping it Reel with America’s SuperMom

July 6, 2021


LaChelle Adkins also known as “America’s SuperMom “ has created a movement to empower women to overcome stress, depression and limiting beliefs. 


LaChelle believes that everyone should begin each day with a SMILE check in #smile4wellness. SMILE (sleep, mood, Innervoice, laughter and energy) these 5 pillars she believes are important to monitor daily for mental health and wellness. 


LaChelle and her husband Jerome have 15 children (13 of which they had together) and 2 sons from husband’s other relationships. LaChelle has experience with juggling motherhood, military family life, career and life in the ministry all of which led to a search for perfection which was unobtainable. This quest to acquire something not possible led to a downward spiral of depression which resulted in 3 hospitalizations.


After the last hospitalization in 2016, LaChelle decided to walk away from the victim mindset and embrace a victory mindset in order to teach others to successfully overcome these obstacles in their lives. She created a strategy she coined as “Fresh” start

that allowed her to overcome stress, depression and limiting beliefs.


LaChelle serves as a lifestyle designer coach teaching clients how to implement this strategy to overcome similar obstacles in their lives. She believes her success is due to her ability to be transparent with her clients which builds trust and helps them to be comfortable removing masks and 

emotional walls.


She currently has programs for group coaching and is an inspirational speaker. Her platform has extended beyond her business to include community outreach with such organizations as Haven House, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Communities in Schools

Henry County Schools and a National 30 day organizational campaign alongside Rachael Ray and organizing guru Peter Walsh.



LaChelle feels grateful for her challenges because it has allowed her to serve and add value in the lives of others. Her experiences have helped her to be focused, empathetic and comfortable being herself without seeking validation from others.

Steps you need to take for your gateway to success.

Steps you need to take for your gateway to success.

July 1, 2021


Priscilla Thomas Keith has extensive experience in government, pharmaceutical research and clinical trials, health care and public health law and policy, and academia.  She started her career as a research scientist studying Alzheimer’s disease and Ischemia at Lilly.  While at Lilly, she also had corporate assignments in Environmental Affairs and Medical Affairs managing diabetes clinical trials.  Upon receiving her law degree, Ms. Keith served as Deputy Attorney General in litigation and Section Chief of Advisory with responsibility for advisory opinions and contracts during her tenure at the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.  She was also Assistant Counsel to Governor O’Bannon as well as executive assistant for the Women’s Commission, Department of Insurance, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, and State Board of Accounts. 
Following her passion for public health and health care law, Ms. Keith became General Counsel for Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County and the Marion County Public Health Department.
 Ms. Keith was recruited by the late Professor Eleanor Kinney to serve as Executive Director for the Hall Center for Law and Research and Adjunct Faculty at IU McKinney School of law where she taught Public Health Law, Finance and Health Care Law, Health care Compliance and Secured Transactions. Ms. Keith also has extensive experience in Community Benefit/Corporate Social Responsibility issues. 
Ms. Keith has received numerous awards, including Indiana’s highest award, the Sagamore of the Wabash; a tribute bestowed by the governor to those who have rendered distinguished service to the state.  She has participated in various leadership programs and served on several Boards and Commissions such as Indiana State Ethics Commission, Indianapolis Board of Public Works, and the Fort Benjamin Harrison YMCA, to name a few. 
She is a graduate of Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University with a BS and MS in Biology, respectively.  She is also a graduate of IU McKinney School of Law.
Ms. Keith currently serves as RIP Medical Debt's Director of Program Management, a position in which she ensures smooth coordination between RIP's functional departments in delivering program results. A primary focus is leading cross-functional teams from the time of medical debt procurement to its abolishment.
Her areas of focus are Public Health and Health Equity, Health Care Law and Policy, and Corporate Governance and Risk.
She enjoys reading, solving puzzles, running and cooking.
“Aspiring People Managers: Top Leadership Qualities.”

“Aspiring People Managers: Top Leadership Qualities.”

June 29, 2021


Madolyn Howe serves as the director of community affairs for OneAmerica and as a board member of the for The OneAmerica Foundation, Inc. 
In her role, she manages grants, sponsorships and employee engagement to create maximum impact for the community.  Before joining OneAmerica, Howe held several roles at United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI), focusing on corporate partnerships and engagement. She is a former legislative assistant for the Indiana House, and later served as a fundraiser for the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC). Howe received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from IUPUI and currently serves on the board for Ace Preparatory Academy charter school.
Strategies to develop a winning team.

Strategies to develop a winning team.

June 15, 2021


Deseri Garcia works with top-level executives, directors, managers, and business owners to provide transformational coaching, team building support, and leadership development. Her goal is to genuinely connect with people and identify with them in an effort to improve both team and personal effectiveness. Deseri is an accredited facilitator of 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, certified in ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) certified and holds a certificate from the Coaching Clinic–Corporate Coach U. She has a bachelor’s degree in small business and entrepreneurship.
Deseri began coaching and leadership development work in 2004. Prior to launching Vida Aventura in Indianapolis, Deseri spent nearly 20 years in Corporate America, where she gained invaluable insight into the value of building relationships in the business world


May 18, 2021


Aloha, my name is Patricia Wistinghausen and over the past decade I have been working mostly as an Administrative Professional, and then volunteering my time as a Community Organizer and Advocate for various social justice issue areas. Through my years of public service, civic engagement, and community stewardship, I’ve been fortunate to be a founding member, board member, and leader within locally-based organizations on the island of Kaua’i, across the state, and representing Hawai’i at a national level. 


Below is a list of some of the groups that I’ve been involved with, or am still actively volunteering with:

  • Chair (2018) and Vice-Chair (2019) of the Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) with the County of Kaua’i Boards and Commissions
  • Vice-Chair (2018-2020) and Founding Member of the statewide Veterans Caucus with the Democratic Party of Hawai’i
  • Board of Directors for the statewide organization, Emergency Management Professionals of Hawai’i (EMP-HI) – Founding Member, Elected to the 1st Board of Directors as Charter Secretary – Executive Officer, 1st Woman on the Board, served as President-Elect (2018), President (2019), and Immediate Past President (2020).
  • Ho’okele Coalition of Kaua’i – Prevention Committee Member – County of Kaua’i
  • Kaua’i Community Action Team Member – Sexual Assault Violence Prevention
  • Kaua’i State Central Committee Representative – Democratic Party of Hawai’i (2016-2020)
  • Past Leader in Kaua’i Women’s Caucus and Kaua’i Young Democrats
  • Founding Member and Past Coordinator of the Kaua’i Violence Prevention Coalition (KVPC)
  • Past Board Member of the Kaua’i Rural Health Association (KRHA)
  • Am also an advocate in groups fighting for a Living Wage, for Prison Reform, for LGBTQ+ rights, for increasing access to Veterans’ Services (especially for disabled veterans), access to Healthcare as a Human Right, along with Racial, Economic, and Environmental Justice.


For the past 7 years, I have also been most actively involved in the Prevent Suicide Kaua’i Task Force (PSKTF). I’m a Steering Committee Member, Suicide Prevention Educator, and safeTALK Trainer for our island; going on 4 years now. Out of the different community issues that I’ve dedicated my time to, in addition to being passionate about Women’s Advocacy and Gender Equity Rights, I dedicate the most time to my work in Suicide Prevention.  

As is the case with nearly every person that has ever been in one of my Suicide Prevention Trainings, I am connected in the form of family members and friends who died by suicide, who are attempt survivors, who have had or are having thoughts of suicide, and because I’ve had personal struggles of my own. When you lose a loved one, a classmate, an acquaintance, or even a celebrity you admired to suicide, no matter how distant the relation may have been, the pain is still felt in your heart and throughout your community with each life lost. 

My goal in having started this Consulting company in the midst of this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, was to focus my efforts on reaching out to my community via suicide prevention education. By sharing information and delivering trainings, I aim to continue empowering individuals to recognize signs that someone may be thinking about suicide and to have the tools to engage that person and start having those difficult conversations.

When it comes to suicide prevention, we know that the more we talk about suicide the less likely someone will be to take their own life. By bringing it up first, and asking the question ‘Are you thinking about suicide?’ we create a safe space and give the person struggling permission to speak about their thoughts with someone who is willing to listen without judgement and is there to support them as they recognize for themselves their reasons for wanting to die, and more importantly, talking through their reasons for wanting to KeepSafe and live. 

All of the issues I have worked on and continue to work on are tied together in the shared experience of humanity. It all comes back to equity and prioritizing our mental health and well-being (#SelfCare) along with that of others. I am still learning this, but through teaching and talking with others I hope to continue understanding and finding that balance. When we talk about difficult things and allow ourselves to lean into that discomfort and be vulnerable – as Dr. Brene Brown says – we can then lean on each other for the strength we need to keep going; or we can better recognize when we need to be still, recognize and listen to how we are really feeling (happy, sad, angry, joyous) and in the moments that we feel them. In those ways we’ll be able to honor our mental health by not putting on a brave face or wearing a figurative mask, but we can work towards destigmatizing the act of being ourselves. 


We’re all a work in progress, as is this website, but for now here’s also some information on my Professional Work Experience for your reference:

In addition to volunteering with these groups and others, Patricia has over a decade of experience in the Administrative Professional field having served in the roles of Office Manager, Receptionist, Program Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, and Sales Manager while working with for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, and in local and state government.

She was also the founding departmental head and served as the Campus Public Safety Manager (Security Director, Safety Officer, Emergency Manager) for Kaua’i Community College, and the Transit Security Grant Planner and TheBus Safety Outreach Coordinator and Educator for the City & County of Honolulu; delivering anti-terrorism, transit-related outreach education, particularly to limited English proficiency populations.

Patricia specializes in:
– Prevention Education and Outreach; especially on Suicide Prevention
– Public Speaking on the topics of Mental Health and Suicide, and Gender Equity as a Woman of Color
– Administrative Assistant Services – both Virtual and In-Person on the island of Kaua’i 
– Social Media Marketing, Website, and Content Creation

Patricia is a graduate of the University of Hawai`i – West O`ahu where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration (Government Management) with Concentrations in Disaster Preparedness Emergency Management and Justice Administration. Patricia is from Kaua’i, grew up in Wailua, and now resides in Kapa’a with her husband Justin.

Feel free to reach out to me! I’m a friendly person and would love to collaborate with you on helping our communities. Mahalo for taking the time to read this and looking forward to talking with you soon!

With Love & Aloha,


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